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  • About G&J International

    About Us.

    G&J COMERCIALIZADORA INTERNACIONAL is a holding company dedicated to the creation and consolidation of companies in Latin America, in the following sectors: auto parts, IMPORTS OF GOODS AND SERVICES MEMORIAL AND CONSULTING.

    Our Identity

    Generate value to our customers by providing innovative, efficient business solutions tailored to their organizational needs.

    During 2015, we´ll be generators value in companies of our customers, to make them more profitable and competitive, so keep a strong and stable organization

    Commit to marketing products and services of excellent quality.

    Consolidate as a leader to our customers.

    Provide effective advice from the hand of an excellent service.

    Ensure profitability, growth and positioning of our companies.

    Continuously improve our quality management system.

    Our Values

    • Respect

      We earn the respect of our customers, through work and continuous effort to meet your needs.
    • Service

      We are different, because above product placement help our clients to develop your company.
    • Knowledge

      Our main asset is information, with it buy, sell and serve more and more efficiently.


    Respect for all customers and potential; thus develop credibility

    The Truth

    Always tell the truth ... we establish lasting business relationships through the credibility and support to their word and offer issued.


    Identify existing customers who actually have growth potential or actual expansion and potential customers.


    Present, communicate and demonstrate the offer objectively; do it in an orderly, clear and predictable in its consequences.


    What we present to the client, should be of interest and should contribute to satisfying a need or solving a problem.


    Should contribute something that differentiates us from the competition; if our offer is more of the same, want to continue buying from the competition.


    Do not speculate or give rise to speculations by our customers.


    Seizing the opportunity provided by the client to let you know our product in the best way. Remember, if you received or visit us, we correspond to your attention with kindness and respect.


    Let the client be creator of the great decision just taken you to buy their products feel.


    Sharing information and market knowledge available to other customers, improve their costs and increase their profits.