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    Our Company

    Our extensive experience of over 29 years in the market, with national and international coverage, consolidates us as a reliable and prestigious company in the market. We work for the total satisfaction of our customers, marketing products and services that inspire confidence and profitability, ensuring permanence and our own future through constant innovation and technology references.

    We have a group of specialized work for more than 10 years, is committed to quality and consulting services to companies in various sectors, always relying on our experience in the market.

    Our Objectives

    • Commit to marketing products and services of excellent quality.
    • Consolidate as a leader to our customers.
    • Provide an effective consulting hand with excellent service
    • Ensure profitability, growth and positioning of our companies.
    • Continuously improve our quality management system.

    Our Commitment

    Our goal is to provide our customers best solutions with our vast range of business services, always focusing our work on exceeding the expectations of our stakeholders.

    Satisfy the needs of our customers, through a specialized automotive parts online the highest quality, large stock and excellent service, which we achieve through a highly trained and motivated staff, contributing to stability and growth economic enterprise and all its members.